1. 2015-03-08 01:13:09 berserk9779 I made an error with Rimworld submission. It is not on preorder, alpha9 is very playable. The game is being ironed out and new content is added very often
  2. 2015-03-08 09:32:14 asl97 Rimworld already exist in the database: [url]
  3. 2015-03-08 09:38:48 berserk9779 uh, didn find it
  4. 2015-03-16 15:13:29 DuckManDM rimword is fun?
  5. 2015-03-16 15:13:34 DuckManDM *rimworld
  6. 2015-03-17 02:56:37 chaosesqueteam Hi
  7. 2015-03-17 02:56:58 chaosesqueteam What do you all think of chaosesque anthology (mod, fork of xonotic)?
  8. 2015-03-17 02:57:01 chaosesqueteam [url]
  9. 2015-03-17 02:57:33 chaosesqueteam Some guy, Joerg, comes to every place it is mentioned and spreads libel, what can be done against him/her?
  10. 2015-03-17 02:57:52 chaosesqueteam joergs
  11. 2015-03-23 13:14:41 Superuser Can someone please approve my update to Red Eclipse? It's showing up on the homepage but the new version number isn't there or the updated download links and project links. It's a bit bizarre
  12. 2015-03-23 13:15:03 Superuser the game page in question: [url]
  13. 2015-03-31 06:33:50 chaosesqueteam People are now saying game is "worthless" /Because/ ISO Download is provided rather than their desired archive format, Any game made for the love of it rather than placating randoms is "not worth downloading" [url]
  14. 2015-04-01 10:11:44 Rhetorn Why don't I find Strife hear? It's a great MOBA game with native Linux support: [url]
  15. 2015-04-01 10:46:10 Rhetorn well, now I see it here ^_^