Alpha funding! This project is not finished and only partially playable and generally in an early development stage.

Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~ is an adventure game/visual novel hybrid which puts together the point-and-click gameplay of adventure games with the heavy focus on storytelling found in visual novels.


  • Many hours of gameplay – with 6 chapters planned spanning over 150,000 words and numerous puzzles to dismantle and solve, Exogenesis promises at least over 10 hours of gameplay
  • Important moral choices affect the story – By hook or by crook, your dead sister must be reborn!
  • High replay value with multiple endings and branching story paths
  • Memorable cast of characters whose fates are determined by your decisions
  • Stunning rendition of post-apocalyptic Japan with real-life landmarks
  • Mysterious, intricate plots both personal and of larger scale
  • Mind-boggling thematic environmental puzzles – contextual puzzles that make sense and aren’t just there for the heck of it
  • Character interrogation – gather physical and circumstantial evidences and use them as leverage in coaxing your former comrades