Two hundred years ago, the galaxy was ravaged by war. Planets reduced to cinders with all of their inhabitants. Fleets representing the industrial production of hundreds of worlds vaporized in mere hours. War on such a scale could not last long, but it did not have to. With most of the known galaxy a smoldering ruin, interstellar trade broke down, and even worlds initially left untouched suffered greatly trying to gain self-sufficiency.

The story of Starsector (formerly “Starfarer”) concerns a sector largely untouched by the war. Humanity has been slowly slipping into anarchy, though some outposts of civilization remain. It is a time of frequent conflict, rampant piracy, and shifting allegiances. A time of great profit for the few traders able to ply the old trading routes. A time of great danger and greater opportunity.

Minimum system requirements: 

OS: Windows, Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher), or Linux
Memory: 2GB system RAM
Graphics: Minimum 1024×768 resolution, 256 MB video memory
Processor *: Pentium 4 processor, at or above 1Ghz, Dual core recommended.

* It is not specificed exactly.