Alien 8

Wake up the spaceship's cryonauts before the ship reaches it's destiny, or it will be too late! One of the most famous 8 bit games now back on your computer!
Note: the official website does not provide Linux version, however, you can successfully compile and run the game using following instructions:
[*] Get the [url=]source[/url], extract it from archive.
[*] Get these two patches ([url=]one[/url], [url=]two[/url]) and save them as fix1.patch and fix2.patch.
[*] Apply both patches by running: 'patch < fix1.patch' and 'patch < fix2.patch'.
[*] Install Allegro _development_ library.
[*] Install Curl _development_ library.
[*] Install any additional libraries if required.
[*] Get FMOD library from
[*] Extract FMOD archive's api/inc/ directory contents to Alien8 source directory.
[*] Extract FMOD archive's api/lib/ directory contents to Alien8 source directory.
[*] Compile with: 'gcc *.c -lcurl -lX11 -lXext `allegro-config --libs` -L. -I. -lfmodex -o Alien8'
[*] Optionally, remove the source code
[*] Get Windows game [url=
[*] Copy resources from Windows game archive to working directory
[*] Use the following script to run the game: