In the style of traditional Pachinko machines, Kachinko features an onslaught of colored balls and only a few places to catch them. The name of the game is strategy and quick wits. Kachinko starts simply enough, requiring you to eliminate sets of three like-colored balls at a time. The challenge is significantly increased when you're forced to put together longer chains and set up massive combos in order to get a score worthy of completing a level.

Power-ups such as Eliminators, Stackwipers, Color-Changers, and others keep the gameplay fresh and exciting as you work your way through the increasingly formidable levels. Some power-ups (like the Eliminator and the Power Ball) can be used as offensive weapons to keep your game alive and help you score major points. Others (like the Double Drop and the Ball Storm) are used by the computer as defensive maneuvers, and will wreak havoc unless you disable them. Track your own scores and those of other Kachinko masters around the world with the Online Leaders Board.

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