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Wasteland 2

Linux Beta 18 Apr 2014
Wasteland 2 reintroduces the concept of party driven adventuring, a style of game-play untapped for many years.
Gamers: 1
Rating: 10
Popularity: 16

Noir Syndrome

1.6 1 Aug 2014
Noir Syndrome is a procedurally generated Detective Murder-Mystery with a new story every time! Featuring slick pixel art animations...
Gamers: 3
Popularity: 0

Crazy Ping

1.0 14 Apr 2014
Crazy Ping is a Pong clone with a twist
Popularity: 0

Groundskeeper 2

Groundskeeper 2 is the sequel to a Mini Ludum-dare game which was originally created in about 24 hours.
Popularity: 0


Yrminsul is a strategy game where the battles are in the form of a tower defense.
Popularity: 0

Sanctum 2

Linux Beta 11 Apr 2014
Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the world’s first Tower Defense/FPS hybrid game! Pick from four unique character classes and take up the...
Gamers: 4
Popularity: 0

Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love

14 Jan 2014
Cube and Star: An Arbitrary Love is a game about the joy of exploration - the joy of.
Popularity: 0


Alpha 0.3.4222 18 Aug 2014
Game on open alpha, but very much playable.
Gamers: 1
Rating: 9
Popularity: 0

Boarding Party

7DFPS 10 Aug 2013
Boarding Party is a fast paced old school style FPS made in 7 days.
Popularity: 7

Savant - Ascent

You play as the powerful Alchemist, a mechanical wizard who tries to possess the power of the mysterious orb.
Gamers: 3
Popularity: 0

Syder Arcade

Steam only!
Syder Arcade is a free scrolling, multi directional shoot 'em up, an uncompromised old-school experience, furious, challenging, and straightforward.
Gamers: 3
Popularity: 0

The Shivah

Russell Stone is a Jewish Rabbi at a poor synagogue in New York City.
Rating: 7
Popularity: 0