This is a soccer-themed, 3D sokoban game. It uses data in a format that is found on the internet.

It has undo (u) and restart (r) functions. Comes with dozens of puzzle files, each typically having dozens of "levels". The next (n) and previous (p) keys move between levels. The (L-shft) and (R-shft) keys move between puzzle files. Each game resumes where you previously left off.

To move the "kicker" use the arrow keys. The objective is to kick all the red and blue balls into the goal nets.

New easy build system allows anyone with OS-X or Linux and GCC to recompile; but first try the delivered exes.

Now with Andres Cantor, setpoint capability, lighted soker-balls, and single-file test mode to try your own puzzle files.

Congratulations to the US Women's 2015 FIFA soker champions!

Minimum system requirements: 

Mac OSX or GNU/Linux with OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics.

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