The Void of Darkness

The Void of Darkness

Void of Darkness is a Starship action RPG inspired by Starflight 1&2 by Binary Systems 1989 and Distant Worlds by CodeForce

Brief Synopsis:
Devastated by nameless aliens in an interstellar war, the Terran evacuation fleet fled for distant stars escorted only by the Guardian Frigate Void of Darkness. Their escape nearly ended in catastrophe, when Void of Darkness engaged the pursuing alien vessels with a prototype weapon. The resulting explosion created a bizarre anomaly which catapulted the evacuation fleet across the known universe.
A century after settling a new world with the aid of the enigmatic Eurians; Terrans have launched a small fleet to again explore the unknown. With the hope of one day reclaiming their lost home.
The player must manipulate events. Secure friendships with other species. Acquire advanced technology. Explore the sector. And ultimately, confront a new evil that has risen in the vacuum of deep space.

Minimum system requirements: 

Intel dual core CPU • 2 GB RAM • 200 MB free HD space • 3D graphics card

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Developer: Tropical Games