Steam Squad

Steam Squad

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Steam Squad - turnbased wargame, which takes place during the First World War, in an alternate universe.

World War I in this universe has not become the first yet, so it's name is simply "the Great War". And it is much bigger, than real...

For a variety of reasons there were only three serious players at the World Arena in 1914:

  • Tianxia, that have taken most of the Eastern hemisphere
  • Britain with many colonies (dominions)
  • The Holy Roman Empire, which has won most of Europe and territories, that we call "Latin America" now

Each of these states has a chance to became a world dominator.

The player tries on the role of commander of a warring states, performing specific military tasks, coming up with tactical moves, managing the soldiers and military equipment on a battlefield.

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Developer: Bretwalda Games
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