Star Villains and Space Heroes

Star Villains and Space Heroes

At its heart, Star Villains and Space Heroes is a 3rd person space combat game. Conflict takes place in 3D space with realistic space physics - no atmospheric drag, for example. This allows for complex maneuvers and increases the challenge of piloting your ship. Trust us, it's fun!

Our aim is to focus on the combat between the large vessels that make up the backbone of a space navy: capital ships. We've noticed that there aren't a great many games out there that represent this, often concentrating on fighter combat. In Star Villains and Space Heroes, you will command many classes of ship such as frigates, cruisers, carriers, dreadnaughts... we could go on for quite a while!. With several distinct factions that have specific design goals, weapon types and construction styles, you can be sure that to come across spacecraft of all types, from lumbering Star Wars-esque battleships bristling with turrets to nimble frigates that can run circles around larger opponents.

The game has, at the moment, three distinct factions, each with their own design philosophies, weapon loadouts and particular style. The full version of Star Villains and Space Heroes will add at least two (and possibly more) additional factions.

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Developer: Area Denial Games