Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent

Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent

Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent is an arcade-puzzle game where the player needs to constantly change the skin color to blend the environment and avoid being spotted. The stealth skills of the main character will allow him to complete 75 levels across 5 different missions, full of challenges and collectibles.


Being this project our first game as Unfinished Pixel, we tried to work on something well known for us. Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent is a remake of Spy Chameleon, a game created by Unfinished Pixel's Marcos Torrecillas and released in Xbox Live Community Games (2009). That game had the core mechanic with colors, however this remake has new 3D graphics, it's more polished in every way, new gameplay mechanics, achievements, challenges and missions... making it a more complete and a better experience overall.


change color to blend with the environment
75 challenging levels. The difficulty increases considerably as you learn the mechanics
3 challenges in each level: pick collectibles and beat time
5 different enemies, each one with different mechanics, speed and cone of vision
challenging gameplay. It's a mix of good reflexes, timing and strategy
levels designed and timed to be enjoyable by speed-runners



Simple but fun game, with several goals for each level (collect all flies, beat time, collect all lady bugs), gamepad support, pretty graphics and an interesting concept.