RufasGate is a combination of Portal and Sokoban, except that the portals here are opaque like little stargates. The Zero Point Modules [ZPMs] that you find power the portal guns that you use to create the two ends of a wormhole, a shortcut through space-time, that allows bypassing obstacles.

In order to empower the portal guns, all cylindrical ZPMs must be bumped onto their base receptacles.

There are currently only 4 levels, and no way to save a game.

WARNING: you can only PUSH the ZPMs. That means you can fail utterly if you roll one into a corner or against a wall.

(Note that the ZPM shape is round in 2 dimensions and square in the 3rd dimension...the intersection of two cylinders, which means they roll in only two orthogonal directions.)

In level 2 there is now a fully modern implementation (glsl v330 core) of reflective water using environmental cubemaps. Such a coding example, that does not use OpenGL-deprecated functions, is fairly hard to find. Thus, RufasGate is also a testbed for learning/illustrating various modern OpenGL techniques including cubemaps, water reflections, sound, and glsl shader capabilities. And for anyone planning to use SDL2, it illustrates key-mapping, to get improved keyboard responsiveness from SDL.

Now supports Mac Retina displays.

Minimum system requirements: 

Graphics card that supports OpenGL v. 3.3; Linux or OS-X

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