Abandoned! There has been no work on this game for quite some time or it was left in an unfinished state and there is no support by the developer or anyone else.

POLLY-B-GONE is a 3D physics platform game that tells the story of a plucky wheeled robot named Polly, who has been imprisoned by the nefarious Dr. Nurbs in his laboratory. Polly must overcome a series of increasingly-elaborate obstacles to escape and regain her freedom.

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Please remove this game, it only works on Mac OS X.

Quote from the home page: “POLLY-B-GONE is currently available only for Mac OS X.”.
This is reason enough to remove this game from the LGDB.

well i only kind of agree with you since we are not only interested in the games but also in the promotion of Linux gaming such a message is contra productive. but in this case there are apparently some packages for gentoo
and suse
and the sources from the homepage and http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/TBS/Action/POLLY-B-GO...

Oh, sorry. I wasn’t aware of this.