Paragon is an open universe, sandbox space sim set in a procedurally generated universe filled with millions of planets and stars. Still in an early alpha stage, the player assumes the role of an independent ship captain trying to chart a course between the machinations of two opposing empires during a new age of interstellar exploration and colonization. With no central narrative the player is free to choose their own goals and means of achieving them, while they also decide whether they want to choose a side in, or simply profit from, the ongoing struggle for power that will define humanity’s future.

Paragon is set in an alternative future in which faster than light propulsion technology is discovered in the early 1980s. In this timeline the Cold War doesn’t end, it goes into space as a revitalized Soviet Union begins a second space race with the West, competing not for international prestige but for mastery over the galaxy.

Minimum system requirements: 

x86-compatible CPU