Gametype-Revolution is a versatile Quake 4 modification that aims to make the game more enjoyable, and it’s developement will never be limited by a rulesets as “VQ4″ (Basic Quake 4).

We do what other mods won’t do, which means that we WILL change what needs to be changed to make the game more fun.

We work closely together with the community and we gather all our testers from the community, so don’t be afraid to let us hear your ideas and suggestions, we will listen to every single one of them.

To give you an example: We have had numerous weaponbalance tests with the community to make the game more enjoyable and less rail only, and now id has picked many of the results up and they are in the 1.3 point release for Quake 4!

GTR adds loads of new and cool features to Quake 4 for your everyday gaming pleasure.

New gametypes and gamemodes, such as:

  • QW, Quakeworld style.
  • GPM, CPMA like AirControl + Swinging grappling hook.
  • Freestyle, like defrag from Q3, more features to come when we have more time.
  • Excessive, which will give you more action than you can even dream of.
  • 1Flag CTF, bring the flag from the middle to your enemy's flag.
  • FreezeTag, freeze the enemy team to score.
  • Midair & instagib gameplay
  • ... and more which you will find when you download this modification.

We have also made some nice gameplay alterations to make the game feel better overall:

  • Lowered viewheight to bring the speedy and in-control feel of Quake 3.
  • No more skyscraper size hitboxes. We have our own modified hexagonal hitboxes to bring you back the need of aiming. Afterall, it's a FPS game and you should have to aim.
  • Modified projectile spawnpoint offset to give you better looking rockets and better rocket jumping.

This was just a small list of features that you will find in GTR.

Minimum system requirements: 

Quake 4 = 1.4.2