Dragons Tale

Dragons Tale

SETI@Home users - Have you given up on looking for E.T.? Consider using those spare cycles to generate Bitcoins instead, and once you do, be sure to check out the Linux-friendly new MMORPG filled with individual and interactive games of chance, skill, and a mix of both. From the makers of A Tale in The Desert, A Dragon's Tale will provide you strategic "fishing games" where you gain an advantage by playing a better strategy than the others, psychological one-upsmanship games, and many other wagering-style games unlike any you've seen anywhere else. Also don't be surprised as new games pop up overnight. Expect to find a very active and responsive Dev Team, helpful mentors to show you around (and perhaps give you a gift or two along the way), and plenty of good opportunities for strategical advantage in this exotic world. Also, if you just want a good old-fashioned gamble, you can find them in some exciting takes on slot machines - why didn't I think of using fireworks as slots XD?

Minimum system requirements: 

Distribution built on XFree86 or X.org release, GLIBC 2.5+, 1 GB RAM, any 3D graphics card since 2006.

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Developer: eGenesis