Dofus Arena

Dofus Arena

Dofus Arena is a PvP (Player versus player) game based on the story of Dofus. Dofus Arena incarnates the essence of DOFUS's gameplay, featuring increasingly difficult tactical fights. As a coach, each player creates and manages his own unique team of characters, enabling him to face opponents of all kinds, in different elements.
NOTE: remove "-Xss256k" from Startup-script or it will crash.

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU: 1.0 GHz (x86 compatible)
RAM: 512 MB
GPU: OpenGL 1.2 compatible with 32MB VRAM supporting Shaders 1.1
HDD: ~300 MB
AND: A Java Runtime Environment >= 1.6/6 (included)

Developer: Ankama
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