Early development!

This project is not finished and only partially playable and generally in an early development stage. Because of the promising nature of the project it is listed here.

You suddenly wake up with a terrible pain in your head, you feel each of your bones shaking, the cold is indescribable. Your instinct tell you to build shelter, you just know something evil is running around this area, you know they want you. You start building a house, the first thing in your mind is a fireplace, you don't wanna die from Hypothermia, not today. You realize you have two guns an ancient Thompson and a weird alien looking weapon, but why?! Why cant you remember what happened to you, why cant you remember what happened to the world, why cant you remember why everyone is dead, why cant you remember your dads or moms name?!. This does not matter to you anymore, the only thing you want to assure is your survival, a name suddenly comes to your mind :gorilla virus:. then you see them, then you understand and fear prevails.

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Developer: frozenstudios