Descent³, the newest member of this classic 3D series, has an all-new game engine for improved rendering and gameplay. You'll thrill to the battles in the depths of distant planets in a frenzied, high-octane 360° extravaganza.

An expansion pack, Descent 3 Mercenary builds upon the existing backdrop of the award-winning Descent 3 universe. Centered around the dark conspiracy revealed in Descent 3, Mercenary will have you flying as the leader of the "Black Pyros" hired by Dravis to carry out his evil plans.

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU: Pentium® 200 MHz or equivalent
RAM: 32 MB
HDD: ~600 MB/1300 MB with Mercenary


Great game

Descent 3 - the third part of a three-dimensional shooter, with free movement in space. Your ship has the opportunity to move in three directions coordinates, which is not just for development. However, the game has the ability to stabilize and it really helps. Labyrinths of the enemy base filled with robots of all stripes, therefore, have to work гашеткой. The series has its fans, but at the same time it was not continued.