Daedalus - No Escape

Daedalus - No Escape

Daedalus is a pure action 2D top down shooter. It is inspired by games such as Quake 3 and Unreal tournament in terms of game modes and gameplay, and also by the old Alien Breed games for the top down 2D view.

The control scheme is the same as for a first person shooter, so it is very easy for someone used to play any FPS to gain skill in Daedalus.

Daedalus is mostly a multi-player game, but will also propose single player action versus bots. Different game modes will be available:

  • Single-player
  • Score game
  • Skirmish
  • Multi-player
  • Death-match
  • Team death-match
  • Capture the flag
Minimum system requirements: 

opengl 2.0 compatible graphic card