ChaosEsque Anthology

ChaosEsque Anthology

ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter. It is a standalone modification of Xonotic which includes extended weapons, maps, vehicles, buildable buildings, mounted weapons, spell casting, monsters, player characters, textures, and game modes.

It has over 100 maps. Some are futuristic, some are ancient, and some are medieval. A few evoke platform games such as sonic, others follow a style more akin to diablo. Some are static maps, others are randomly connected.

There is something to fit your mood. There are mutators that can add mounted weapons in any map, buildings, monsters, foliage, hazards, and even balloons and bumpers. You can fight with futuristic weapons, medieval weapons, and /or hand to hand combat (over 70 weapons). There are also many vehicles (and a mutator to spawn them in maps that do not have them, as is tradition (as you can see)).

You can also set each team to start with different specific weapons if you want to test a theory that you could defeat a well equipped military force with your bolt action rifle or crossbow. Same with vehicles and mounted weapons spawning (you can set which spawn near which team in CTF etc). You can drink wine, potions, learn magic, read scrolls, so on and so forth.

The goal, and much of this has been reached, is to not limit the player.

Special thanks to NASA for images of Earth and Mars.

Minimum system requirements: 

3d Card

External links:
Developer: ChaosEsque Team


Release 57

Release 57:
More buildable furniture.
More buildable doors.
Rotating doors nolonger gib by default at low dmg rates if stuck against an obstacle.
(dmg rates over 35 will still gib by default, this is all set in the
g_door_rotating... etc cvars, you can set_temp_for_type them in your mapinfo file
for your map ofcourse).

suggested_*level for oil, water, lava etc just like foliage (so you can set
defaults for your map)

You can now flood maps with chemical, and methane seas,
enegy hits above the chemical will cause an energy blast,
bullet shots, and hits, will have a chance of causing a small explosion above
the methane sea, explosions cause larger explosions in the methane vapour.

Release 56

Release 56.
New Features:
Containers, commands: put, take (in addition to drop)
(you can put or take from a container or chained prisoner)
New command: search (you can search a container or a handcuffed or chained prisoner)
Buildable Furniture, Archive utilitool block (container).
Builabale Doors auto-center in halls and doorways.
So you can now take over a house and fortify it.
Bugfixes having to do with oil fires, tanks, etc.
Misc bugfixes.
Raptor rotors now have code for gibbing, as the helicopter rotors did for
a long time.
When throwing nades or mines, the other type will not be autoselected if you run
out (only nades with other types of nades, and mines with other types of mines)
Additional water for waterlevel mutator.
BASED option for water, oil, etc spawning (will base it to height/depth of map,
sliders as percentage, all the way to the right = all filled up).

ChaosEsque Anthology REL55

Release 55:
This update has been a polishing update, with a new feature aswell:
Oil ocean mutator: you can now set oil level, if near the vapour level of
the oil, enflamed things will spread fire on the oil. The rate is settable
by cvar, currently set to a global max of 10 spreads per second, a per-entity
think interval of 2 seconds, and a 30 percent chance of deciding to spread
per think interval (0.1, 2, 0.3);

Bugfixes for mines: A bug that has been in xonotic for along time (since
it had mines) has been defeated. The bug was that if a mine was following
(ie attached to a vehicle or mover etc) something and that something dissappeared
the mine would then unfollow it and just stay static. Now for map movers of
the map this might have been fine, their coords are global (IIRC, might be wrong).
For sticking to vehicles, trees, etc, this caused the mine to appear
at 0 0 0+ offset origin, which made life there troubling. When the minelayer
was added there weren't many (or any?) vehicles in xon, and no foliage system/mutator
so testing wasn't done for that. Now the mines (minelayer, landmine, atmine)
if they lose what they're following/attached to remove themselves in 0.1 time.

Bot ai code work: bots know how to throw grenades, drop mines, bury mines if
grenades and mines are enabled. This includes flashbangs and smoke grenades.

Some Gimp work, creating an oil texture and adding it to the caethaver2 tex pack.
,norm map for a wall used in sideloop map, etc.

Misc Updates (ex: to bury a mine press J (it must be on ground/snow/grass/dirt/etc).

For those wishing to update rather than download new ISO image:
For those updating from v54, these files will need to be replaced in your
XonoticChaosEsqueAnthology/data/ directory.

For those updating from v53, this additional file is needed:

Download Full game:

ChaosEsque Release 54

There are now over 72 weapons, thus code has been reworked to
allow up to 24*4 weapons (96). (items.qh code in qcsrc/common)
New weapons: War Mallet, Japanese Mallet (making 74 weapons total).

Caltrop secondary now is more useful: drops many caltrops (10 to 15).
(old secondary which threw them like darts can be enabled via cvar if desired)

Added: AT mines
Landmines and AT mines can be placed by hand. AT mines create large explosion.
If a player has landmines and the minelayer weapon (throws mines), and
has no ammo, the minelayer weapon will use the placable landmines as ammunition.

If the player has the minelayer weapon equipped while placing the small landmines
by hand (via the toss grenade button (G) after selecting a grenade (v)
those landmines will be remotely detonatbale by pressing the minelayer secondary.
Otherwise they will not be (this is intentional and required more code to
set up).

Mines (landmines / AT mines / mines layed by minelayer weapon) can now be buried if
placed on dirt, snow, grass, etc via the bury command.

Check out create>startweapons button to set what mines/grenades/etc you start

Bot now have a _mele weapon priority list, in addition to the normal _far, _mid, _close
Thus they know when not to use a bow but use a cudgel instead.

Be sure to check out the (;) and (L) keys when aiming (center aim, tip gun to side)
(Commands: altaim, shootfromside).

An additional buildable medeval door has been added for the multitool.


Note: If you have a recent version (53 etc) and just want to update the code
a contributor has uploaded those files, additionally, seperatly.

You can place the following files in the directory XonoticChaosEsque/data/
replacing the older versions of these 2 files:

(There are also git repos available)

For anyone that wants an update between versions, a contributor has uploaded the files you need.

Here is a latest code update where the bots now know about grenades etc: they will throw grenades, flashbangs, smokegrenades, place landmines and ATmines, and also bury mines (if they can (if a mine in on ground, grass, snow, sand, dirt, etc it can be buried with the bury command))

Makes the game more fun :D

And hard to assault a base.
Flashbangs really blind you blanca for awhile.

These files go in the directory:



(You may also wish to get these small files which are seldom updated aswell:)



ChaosEsque Relelease 52

Release 52:
New weapons: English Longbow, Cudgel (modeled in blender this week)

New Mutator options: remove weapons from map on start.
Replace weapons on map with: spikes, fire, pillar of flame, jumppads, bouncer, baloon, tanktraps, buildings, foliage.

You can also light up your crossbow bolt or longbow arrow if near a burning item (something on fire or fire particles) by pressing F+R keys (use and reload keys).

Also you can move your gun to the center by pressing the Semicolon (;) key next to L. Thus you can more easily shoot out of arrow slits in Castles etc (also works with L: turn gun to the side)


I know you said zip can't support sizes greater than 4 GB, but I think only zip has that limitation. Other compressed archives have much larger limitations. The real problem is that large archives are NO way to distribute a game. Use "rsync", "torrent protocol", or similar systems to synchronize the data with the repository (a separate stable one preferably, while you have your own testing version that is optional for testers). Otherwise, Connection problems and data limits are a problem, especially as this game expands. Connections often interrupt over a long time, and many people now have a download limit per month. It makes no sense to use gigantic ISOs. Make a BASH, PERL, PYTHON, or whatever language you want to make a way to just update new SMALL files individually instead of downloading the entire gigantic archives. More and smaller parts are better, especially in a synchronizing system. Please find a way! (And check your discussions and messages more often, as this is the 4th attempt to contact you about this!)

Once you have the iso, you can, if you wish, download the git repos to keep up-to-date with the gamecode and most media
(Maps, however, are distributed only on the ISO, in pk3s)
You can set these repos up as pk3dir in your /data/ directory (can be ~/.xonotic/data/bla.pk3dir if you wish) and they should override whatever is in the .pk3s themselves:

The main gamecode repo (QC) where almost all of the work is done:

Other repos which sometimes have work done:

Rarely touched repo:

If you have the first two you will have the code updates.

If you like to work on media the media source repo is the way:

Rarely an edit to the engine is done, someday would like to learn it more so as to add procedural infinite terrain and buildings (perhapse destructable like mine/7daystodie/etc/craft:

ISO is distributed as it is the simplest way and does not require any infrastructure to be kept up. Last time a member of the team ran a server it was probed for hacking by those disagreeing with member's social ideas / politics. After ISO is aquired player may use the git repos or wait for the next iso.

ISO is almost full so any new maps will have to be distributed on a 2nd ISO, Supplimental DVD.

(And check your discussions and messages more often, as this is the 4th attempt to contact you about this!)
Where? SF, Opengameart, trisquel, mail, quakeone, etc?

(Found email, response is below it)
>Since the Discussion section isn't maintained, I'll mention it here in short.
>Please use rsync or one of its derivatives, or any repository-pulling system to allow clients/users to update the game files without having to >redownload the entire game. What you're doing now with ISOs is completely impractical, and pretty ridiculous. This is no way to distribute >anything, much less a game over the internet.
>Reasons: Slow internet, unreliable internet, gigantic files that don't often change, requiring to mount an ISO to play the game (yes, there are >other ways, but you shouldn't need anything but what Xonotic has in a directory).
>Please do something about it.
>This message was sent to you via the SourceForge web mail form.
>Replying to this email will not work, please send a message to MajorLunaC at

>Since the Discussion section isn't maintained, I'll mention it here in short.
Work is only done on the code, media, etc. No one discusses, so it is never checked.

Rsync would have no downloads. Torrent opens one up to hacking attack and also would have fewer downloads. ISO everyone understands. It is a KISS thing. The team does one thing: code. Others may distribute the game in some way other than the ISO or git, but this is beyond the scope of the team.

>Please do something about it.

The team works on the fork of the game. Distribution is beyond its scope. Websites are beyond its scope. If you would like to distribute the fork in another manner or even create a website that might attract more people who might wish to play the fork, feel free. Note, however, more users, different ways to distribute, benefits those working on the fork in no way. The team works on the fork for enjoyment. No member of the team is using the fork as a stepping stone to anything some may think of as greater, nor for any financial benefit such as building a portfolio for employment. Members of the team wish to remain unknown. The fork would continue without internet access: in such a case only the team and those closest to the team would benefit from the teams largesse. Internet distribution is ancillary.

If this bothers you, it can be pretended that the fork does not exist. You lose nothing.

> The team works on the fork of the game. Distribution is beyond its scope. Websites are beyond its scope.
> If you would like to distribute the fork in another manner or even create a website that might attract more people
> who might wish to play the fork, feel free. Note, however, more users, different ways to distribute, benefits those
> working on the fork in no way.

So you develop a game that you don't particularly want people to play. Looks like it's not worth downloading the ISO to give it a try then.

>So you develop a game that you don't particularly want people to play. Looks like it's not worth downloading the ISO to give it a try then.

Do not care. Do not care at all. Be passive aggressive all you want. We are not your employees,( or would you like to be sued for not paying us our wages??)
What a stupid conclusion you make: "Devs provide ISO" "Someone doesn't like that" "Devs still provide ISO but note that they create the game for their own enjoyment" ":. Game is not worth downloading"

:. (Conclusion) Only games where the Devs are primarily concerned with placating random others are valuable. Games which are made for the love of it are worthless.

Stupid Stupid Stupid.
Do you think about what you write before you write it?

Ok, so first of all, you're the one submitting the game to gaming sites. This implies you would like others to play the game and hear about it. You also mentioned that you want a high download count on SourceForge, I suppose to gain popularity. As a developer of games, you have to understand that you at least partially should appease some people for what they want, or in this case, what they NEED. I never said that I WANTED an alternative system to download the files, I said that I and others NEEDED other ways to download the files, because from a completely objective, logical, practical, programming, and distribution, distributing a completely digital online game that gets updated frequently SOLELY as an ISO, is simply unheard of, especially in the gaming world. It's impractical, non-functional, and causes problems for very many. If you ask any developer if ISOs are the way to distribute a digital game online, they will say "NO WAY!" Do you and your group even download the ISOs from the site to see if they download well and in a reasonable amount of time?

We're not asking you to make our game, or to go out of your way to do anything special for us. We're saying that we are ALL having problems downloading your game, it's not working, so please help us get the game in another way that's easier for everyone, including you and your team, so that you don't have to keep making ISOs all the time. All I've heard so far is that you expect us to just listen to you, and anything we say is worthless and beneath you. There's a word for that, see if you can come up with it (political/government type).

All I really NEED right now is another repository for the maps, since you said they're only in the ISO. Although I do see maps.pk3 in many of the repositories you listed , is that all the maps? Please at least make a repository for maps. I'm sure I can come up with a script to download everything needed for the game directly from the repositories. Maybe I'll even come up with a branch that distributes the game in a reasonable way.

> There's a word for that, see if you can come up with it (political/government type).
Many of the Team support Mr. Vladimir Putin, his ways and means. He is an inspiration. He revived the Church in Royssia and made the nation and the people value themselves again.

>repository for maps
The maps rarely change. Use the ISO. We are up against a limit of a DVD. More maps would be made if not. Thoughts are to make an additional DVD for new characters and maps.

>repository (for updates)
The git repo xonotic-concrete is what you want.
It's struture is like:

What you do is you get this repo, but rename it xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir
you move that pk3dir to a data dir of xontic:
So now it is: XonoticChaos/data/xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir/sounds
You can also put it in ~/.xonotic/data/

You then get the compiler "gmqcc" (it is on the iso btw, along with the rest of the source)
you go into XonoticChaos/data/xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir/sounds/qcsrc
and make.

Whenever you want to update code you git pull in xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir

Eventually, some months later, get an iso again if you suspect some maps have changed (usually small settings).

>Download difficulty
This may be due to the host, some people it works, others it doesn't. Sometimes they take awhile to update the mirrors. They don't charge so we use them. They are good.

>ISO is hard
It is nothing for us to make an ISO, We do this multiple times per day sometimes as we back up whatever progress we make in each coding session. ISOs are a matter of course, making the release ISO is just "make iso but do not burn it to disc" option.

>You have responsibility
No, we benefit you as an ancillary happenstance.
If you would like we could stop publishing updates.
Would you like?

>Download count
This is desired only to rub it in some number of persons face, at a later date. To spit on them as they have spit on us.

One of the contributors did you a little favor.
You can put these in you XonoticEtc/data/ directory you have from downloading a previous ChaosEsque ISO:

This won't have map updates but it is today's code, this one time.
Maybe you should thank that contributor for helping you out this day.

ChaosEsque Anthology Release 53

New weapons: Flanged Mace, Light Crossbow, Crude Bow, Composite Bow.
Arrows, Crossbow bolts, and Balistta bolts can now be set alight:
press R and F key concurrently when near a fire.
(F and R is easiests on weapons, R then F for ballista works the best)

Many weapons now have custom aimsettings for ; key (altaim (center)) so
their ironsights are lined up.

Notes for coders:
For those wishing the newest code updated at all times (should they arise):
Get the ISO, then pull the git repo called "xonotic-concrete".
name it xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir and put it in
so the path to latest qcsrc would be:
and models would be
textures would be

Then go in XonoticDir/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/qcsrc/
and do the command make
(you will need the quakeC compiler: gmqcc)

You can also put this in ~/.xonotic/data/
IE: ~/.xonotic/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/qcsrc/

Then you can 'git pull' in (wherever)/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/
if you want newest gamecode.

xonotic-concrete is the main gamecode git repo.

This should be above the 52 release comment.

Not "rip-off", not "copy and paste" project.

Project is a fork with substantial original contributions, in addition to use of other free-opensource assets.
There has been 3 years of quakeC work done on this project.
Joerg goes to any place on the web that assets of a certain contributor he does not like is used, he then posts negative reviews to
discourage anyone from using any project that contributor has contributed to. This is a personal problem of Joerg.
Long post below explains.


Copy&paste of various other mods, but 0 fun to play.

Forget it, not worth your time. The real Xonotic is 1000000x more fun to play.

You can tell from the screenshotd that a 14 year old loner created this "mod"... no other players, no action, no theme. Just an ax and hammer.

How would you know joerg? You have not downloaded nor played this mod of Xonotic. The only thing you have done is to go to every place on the web where a certain contributor's assets are used and downvote them. You say the same thing in all of those places. You simply google that contributor and then you post. You do this because you disagree with his social politics.

Though this mod does incorporate other GPL licensed mutators for Xonotic (grenades, monsters, overkill weapon models contributed to xonotic .git repo), and does extend them, This is not simply a "copy and paste" game.This mod has over 3 years of custom quakeC programming contributed to it. Of the over 100 maps, 50 were built for this mod by a direct contributor, 2 texture packs made by that contributor, and various pieces of music and 3d art assets.

The most notable mutators which are unique to this game and programmed by the contributor you so revile are the following:
Foliage system (automatically place trees, forests, shrubbery, etc around)
Brawling (hand to hand fighting)
Buildable buildings (you can build buildings like in an RPG and/or build in blocks like minecraft, your call all the buildings were built in radiant by the contributor you so hate)
(This is why you see that hammer in alot of these screenshots)
Misc Items (balloons, bumpers, abandoned buildings, spikes, (and built buildings too)) mutator, which spawns in these items (modeled in blender by the hated contributor) so as to change the character of any level.
Mounted weapons (many machine guns, and various other crew served weapons)
Tipping your gun to the side (press L)

Furthermore there are extensive additions to the vehicle system.
Tanks (both futuristic and old), planes (ditto), helicopters, and civillian cars and trucks.
And of course, quantum non-locality. Here's an ls of the vehicle and mounted gun code directory:
aerocommander.qc fastcar.qc mg_deluge.qc mg_scorpion.qc r22heli.qc spiderbot.qc turretll20.qc
blackhawk.qc fokker.qc mg_gau19.qc mg_shlac.qc racer.qc sportster.qc vehicles_def.qh
bumblebee.qc mechmax.qc mg_grail.qc mg_spadu.qc raptor.qc tankiv.qc vehicles.qc
challenger.qc mg_autonex.qc mg_lewis.qc mg_t17mm.qc sedan.qc tankll24.qc vehicles.qh
CODE_INFO.TXT mg_batteringram.qc mg_m134.qc misc_fire_crossbowbolt.qc smalltruck.qc tankll37.qc yugo.qc
cruizerlimo.qc mg_bpcannon.qc mg_maxim.qc nieuport.qc sopwith.qc tankll40.qc
cruizer.qc mg_browning50.qc mg.qc pickuptruck.qc sparrow.qc tankll48.qc
farman.qc mg_charbelcher.qc mg_rpk.qc qnonlocality.qc speedcar.qc tankt27.qc

Compare that with vanilla Xonotic.

In addition to that there have been many additional monsters added, including skeletons, police, so on and so forth.

There are also per-team starting weapons, vehicles, mounted guns, etc.

And if you want to flood the map with water, lava, slime... well you can do that too.

There is much that has been adapted and extended, and also much that has been invented of whole cloth. It is not simply a copy and paste project.
The developer you hate has been around Xonotic from before Xonotic was Xonotic, back in the Nexuiz days, for years. He asked for the fork to Xonotic
to happen when weapons started being removed from Nexuiz (HLAC, Tag Seeker). This project is indebted to both Xonotic and Nexuiz as it is a fork of them.

What you say is libel. There is a desire to meet you in court or out of court to settle things, to make you not commit libel anymore, to make you want to think before you say: to make that thought process and indelible part of your mind.

If you had played this game you would know that you do not simply have an ax and a hammer. You do not start with an ax and a hammer.
The ax and the war hammer are simply two of over 60 weapons in this game, from medeval to futuristic, here is a list:


Only 1 video shows up

I linked some let's play videos of the game:
from youtube. Only one is showing up though.

What do I do?

I don't know about the video, but IMO there are _way_ too many screenshots. It took like 5 seconds to load in a psychedelic fashion, I was tempted to close the page without further looking at the description or some screenshots.

IMO the page should give a preview of your game, usually 4-5 screenshots is good (you can probably go up to 10 if you want, but not 80 or something).

Did you take it for a spin? It has 100+ maps. It comes with a map editor too so you can add your own maps.

I think the screenshots are supposed to give a first impression. They are not supposed to show you all maps. Highlight the amount of levels or the level editor in the text or in a video. Look at how many screenshots exist for other games and reduce yours accordingly. This really is too much imho. To compensate the loss of information, I would make a video if I were you.

Also, there is a category tag for games with level editors.

But to come back to the topic, I have the same "problem" with only one video appearing here:

I provided three youtube links, but it shows only the first one. This is especially disappointing because one of the videos not shown is actual gameplay on linux, while the trailers were made with the windows version.