Early development!

This project is not finished and only partially playable and generally in an early development stage. Because of the promising nature of the project it is listed here.

Bwock is a cute and colorful puzzle game under development using the Gosu 2D gaming library. It is greatly inspired by Sokoban and the great NES underdog, "The Adventures of Lolo". It is currently in a simple, early state, which means there's plenty of room for anyone to get creative. Several levels are currently playable - if you want to try them out, check out the downloads page and select the operating system of your choice.

The game play is pretty simple. As the titular anthropomorphic sausage, collect all the keys in each level while avoiding enemy sight. To protect yourself from the Wizrats, use various objects and brick walls as shields - or just fly! There are many other interesting features to discover and use to your advantage.

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