"Bugger!" is a top-down shooter in the same vein as Cyberdogs, though I would like the gameplay to feel a little more like Doom: in other words, a fairly straight-forward, mindless singleplayer shoot'em'up.
What makes the game unique is that it's set inside a piece of software. Your job is to debug the program by firing breakpoints and backtraces at buffer overflows and segmentation faults. Expect and awful lot of terrible puns ;P

The game is being developed in C++ by me - Wilbefast. It will be released on Linux first and foremost, and hopefully Windows and Mac too. At any rate the game will be free and I'll be releasing the source code, but only when it is finished ;)

I'm hoping to include LAN multiplayer (cooperative and competitive) but I'm concentrating on the singleplayer component and... well let's just say "no promises" okay?

Hope you enjoy it :D


I've released a new build: Alpha version 4. You can try out the auto-tiling system and choose between a bunch of different weapons. There are also many other fixes and optimisations, and the Levels and Worlds are now stored in human-readable XML thanks to the TinyXML library :)

Developer: Wilbefast