Pretty good, improves slightly, but doesn't add too much as far as i can see.

Simply as it says, as far as i can see, it doesn't add anything, but it does give people the chance to play with a Gamepad rather then a mouse n' keyboard, but in either case, it's nice to see that thing's are doing well for the- stil active! -project.

I tried ti an it was intrsting, when you first start it, it doesn't come to a menu. it puts you into a false game in which THEN, You've to load a new game inside of a false game, an start it in a false game. Basicaly the game starts up with you stuck in an empty cave as a generic player character to interact wth the menu.
It's intresting at the least... In anycase, a good launcher, but doesn't seem to add much worth while as far as i can see. :)