GoD Factory: Wingmen

Hi Folks!

I'm seigneur_bacon from Nine Dots Studio. We're currently developing a space sim MOBA title, GoD Factory: Wingmen. This title will be available on Linux as well as PC and MAC. Furthermore, our servers will be cross-platform, meaning that Linux will not be limited because they are a smaller community as they will be able to join in with PC and MAC in-game.

The Game is curently in developpement, we are on Greenlight and Kickstarter , and for the month of July we have a working alpha released. At the moment, this alpha is only working on PC, however the issue blocking the Linux release of this alpha version will not be present in the full release version of GoD Factory: Wingmen. We will try to have an alpha version working soon, but we can't promise anything. For those who also use PC, you can get the alpha here.

thanks for reading!