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I've only played through the short Earth vs. Minbari campaign but the game looks great so far. They even did voices for briefings and in-flight chat between the pilots which greatly adds to the atmosphere.

If you like space pew-pew games and know the TV show you should defininitely try this.

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Game: Neverball

Like it. You 'bend the world' with your arrow keys, and ball rolls the way you bend it. Fun to play, definitely addictive for me. Now playing set of "Mehdi's levels", those are hard as hell.

Nice little arcade with prety graphics. I do not recommend for nervous types, ball just falls off the ledge quite often no matter how much you try :) Its just hard.

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Game: Altitude

I bought this game for $2 on Steam. I ended up buying the game as a gift for 5 of my friends. Its a blast and was a real surprise.

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Forum topic: borders on iframes

Ah, that makes sense, I am using google chromium and the whole site doesn't go black. Here is an example how it looks, top is current, bottom part is a suggestion.

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Forum topic: borders on iframes

thicker, thinner, darker, lighter? you're always welcome to nitpick ;)

EDIT: i thought about you comment and figured that you where referring to something else than the border around the images.
when a image or video pups up, the whole site should go black. isn't that the case for you or is it not what you had in mind?

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This game is great. I'm addicted to it. There are lots of different heroes to choose from and I really enjoy the game play. The game does take a lot of strategy and understanding. Not only of the characters but also of the items and how they affect the game. I've never played "Defense of the Ancients" but quickly picked up the game, but its taken longer to master the game. I'm very happy with the game and have pre-purchased it for $30.

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Forum topic: emulators

Ok 4no1,
You can now checkout the all new emulator-entry-creation, just go to "Create content" let me know what is missing and how to organize / differentiate between the different emulators.
actually that would be a good place to have a wine entry too, but its listed under tools cause "wine is not an emulator" ;)

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Forum topic: emulators

haha. i would create another type of content called: "Emulator" so people can select if they want to create a game or an emulator entry. Much like the tool section.