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Forum topic: My impressions

TODO list:

1. Rethink game categories:
- reorganize [b]Genre[/b] and [b]Subgenre[/b]
- [s]add "Visual Novel / Text Based", "Children / Educational"[/s]
- [s][b]Game Graphics[/b] add "text / console"[/s]
- [s]remove [b]Operating Systems[/b][/s]
- write explanations for all categories.
- conceal [b]Distribution[/b] it only makes sense with the package field.
- [s]optimize [b]Game Themes[/b][/s]
- optimize [b]Game Features & Game Modes [s]& Game Input[/s][/b]

2. do some renaming and deleting:
- [s]"Body" to "Description"[/s]
- [s]"Homepage" to "Homepage and useful links"[/s]
- [s]delete the "Games" tab from users page.[/s]

3. Rethink "Game attributes"
- [s]come up with another way to make this information useful.[/s]

4. make it possible for all users to change data.
- make use of revisions
- game admin

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Forum topic: Game update

Ok. I hope it won't become a problem, if there will be lots of updates.

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Forum topic: Bugs

Wow, thats a hell of a mess thanks for the heads up! Never looked at the preview page before *what a shame*

The banner category for the images is not working, and i have no clue why cause the other categories get saved without any problems, it will be removed.

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Forum topic: Game update

No it's not possible.
But you could post a feedback message on the specific game page.

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Game: Hedgewars

If you liked original Worms this one is a must play, IMO. Nice graphics (some screenshots here are outdated), lots of weapons/hats/themes/maps, random map generator. It still lacks some features of original game, but it is actively developed and polished (on the other hand, original game lacks some features Hedgewars do have). The only weak point is already mentioned AI (in fact, the main problem is that it uses only small amount of weapons; also, when firing a gun it [almost] never misses). However, there are always enough people online to play with.

As a Worms fan, I'll give it 9/10.

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Game: PlaneShift

A few days ago version 0.5 was released. Overall, the game is pretty good, has an interesting quests, nice character models, an interesting world, many professions. However, not well thought over the fighting system and spell casting system spoils fun.

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Forum topic: Spam... o.O

I guess the changes i made to the captcha image weren't that effective.... :( (if they where bots...)

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Game: Illarion

You surely messed up with the settings of the game. I play Illarion for years. And the only reason for slow reactions is a slow PC...or a very very very slow connection ;)

Give it another try and ask the people hwo to set-up your settings the best way, it's worth the efford!