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Forum topic: Spam... o.O

I guess the changes i made to the captcha image weren't that effective.... :( (if they where bots...)

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Game: Illarion

You surely messed up with the settings of the game. I play Illarion for years. And the only reason for slow reactions is a slow PC...or a very very very slow connection ;)

Give it another try and ask the people hwo to set-up your settings the best way, it's worth the efford!

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Game: World of Goo

Great logical game. Beautifull graphics. It was worth 8 euro I paid for it.
Contains lots of levels and lots of storyline ( although its all quite weird :-D ), lots of difficult levels that will make your brain spin around.

I like it alot, now I'm in the 'End of the world' section and I can't make those two levels, makes me nervous ! :)

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Game: SDL Shooter

Hmmmm... Gfx "borrowed" from Tyrian? :(

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Game: OpenTTD

Great game, I have spent many hours playing it, love it ! I have played multiple scenarios, tried to start in various ages etc ...
I recommend it to everyone who likes games like SimCity.

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I didn't know that one. A friend of mine was desperately looking for the Fabled Lands books but this game is even better!

Thanks for adding that game. :)

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Game: Rigs of Rods

Thanks, i missed that one.

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Game: Rigs of Rods

Since February 2009 the source code of Rigs of Rods is under the GPLv3.