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Whew.. Good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks the later levels are too hard. ;)

However, the game is [i]great[/i], very polished and funny. Give it a try if you haven't already. ^^

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Simple logical game. I liked it untill I got halfway through the game. After that levels got too hard, I got irritated by the fact I could not find any solution for them.

Still, its a nice game.

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Game: Teeworlds

Just imagine Quake3 in 2D and cartoon graphics and you have TeeWorlds ( formerly TeeWars ). Nice action-packed game with various game modes ( Free for all, Capture Flag, Instagib ), deadly weapons and grapling hook.

There is no single player in the game, you have to connect to online servers to play. Servers are very reliable, usually full of players. You can play at same server with players running TeeWorlds on Windows.

Game is moddable.

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Game: LBreakout2

Breakout with comfortable gameplay and nice graphics.
I'm just addicted to it somehow. I play it on and on for few months now. It has nice feature that you can end at any point of game, and you can continue later on from the last played level.

boink. Love it.

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Great turn-based strategy with storyline, very nice graphics, great gameplay. What more could one want.

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Good platformer. Could provide more new ideas, but good for a classic jump'n'run. Hope that in new versions we'll see something even better.

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Game: SuperTuxKart

You are right, i changed it. thanks ;).

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Game: SuperTuxKart

I don't believe you can play this game online. At least I haven't found it.