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Game: Pathological

Doesn't work for me : [code]$ pathological
/usr/share/games/pathological/ DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
import os, pygame, random, time, math, re, sys, md5
python: pthread_mutex_lock.c:71: __pthread_mutex_lock: Assertion `mutex->__data.__owner == 0' failed.

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done, thanks ;)

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Game: GNU Robots

And I thought I've learned Scheme just for that weird university class. ;)

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Lgdb news: LGDB signatures

right, i was thinking of introducing a new role, (well i have done it already but it doesnt really mean anything for now.)
the name of the role is [i]Creator[/i] and it can be used for every one who is the author of or a contributer for a game. maybe you had something more fine grained in mind?

custom themes for the signatures is a nice idea, i will look into it, if the usage increases :)

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Lgdb news: LGDB signatures

Really, awesome :D

Why so much emphasis on player though? Are you planning on adding different classes (dev, contributor etc.).

The background is nice too, but it would be really cool if we could support theming (Wesnoth theme etc.)

Also, a real-time update would be an end all feature, but that would be difficult.. Maybe once the new generation of linux game managers come out, heh

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Lgdb news: The new look

Oh, you're quick. Looks a lot better now. :)

Btw, the (long) Wormux link in the news looks alright in Firefox, so I guess it's just my (Windows) browser K-meleon that apparently can't do line breaks in long links. Yet..

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Lgdb news: The new look

Glad you like it, and yes, the users that play a game are new on the game page,
Thanks for your ideas. I implemented your first suggestion, looks quite nice.

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Lgdb news: The new look

First of all, I generally like the new look, especially the new logo (although I'm also glad that you've kept the background image of the old banner around - it demonstrates that Linux games can actually look good). It's also nice that you can see the list of players on the game page itself instead of clicking [Game]->Players all the time. Or maybe it was there all the time and I didn't notice...

And now the [i]criticism[/i]! ;)

The front page looks rather crammed now. I think the poll should be placed on the left side - maybe between "Popular games" and "Recent Comments"? That would give "LGDB for players" and "LGDB for developers" a little more room (-> look less crammed).

The Wormux link in the Game news is too long for the small column and sort of spills over to the Space Cubes Descent news - I guess you'll need to keep the link names short for that layout. Having more width for each news item may be nice but I can't come up with a better idea on presenting the news. You [i]could[/i] mash them all together and label each news item "Game news", "Game update", etc. but I'd prefer to see latest news/update/addition at a glance and not scroll through a lot of other stuff until I can spot (e.g.) the latest game addition.

So I guess it's ok to keep it the way it is now. Unless you feel the need to write something like [url=]Supercal... any news text should fit in. ;)

Hope I didn't sound too negative - I'm just tossing around ideas...