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It is nice game that makes you think. Some levels are quite hard and you have to try them many times untill you find the right way. Game is great, has lots of levels to discover. I have let my nephew play the 'kids' levels and he liked it too, played 20 levels in a row (then he wanted to play some racing game :)

If you play whole game, you can try another game - "Professor Fizzwizzle and Molten Mystery" which is quite the same with new levels and new features ( fire gun, teleporters, fly-bots ).

I played Linux and Windows versions and its the same on both platforms.

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Game: JAG

I have played JAG for few weeks. It is really a addictive game if you ask me. I played it so much that I was having dreams about fliping items to get three-in-a-row and making combos.

Nice graphics, nice gameplay, good bonuses. Lots of levels (50). I liked it.

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Forum topic: Cannot add content!


Submitted games are published by administrators, usually in a couple of hours after submission.
It also takes some time until new content is indexed by the search engine.


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Forum topic: My impressions

By the way, I think that I slightly underrated Shoot/Beat 'em up category - looks like it's much more useful than it seemed to me first.
Also, thanks for adding visual novel category, I'll post few games soon.

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Forum topic: My impressions

There is a big problem to make it possible for all users to submit changes. the current implementation of the image upload procedure prohibits the possibility to use drupals build-in revision system.
With the revisions all users would just post "changes" to the current game page that could be easily redone by moderators.
That said, it will take some time before this can be implemented. Not expecting that situation i'm very unhappy :(

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Forum topic: My impressions

Some changes will require a lot of work (database structure changes, etc.), but I truly believe it is worth to do it.

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Forum topic: My impressions

TODO list:

1. Rethink game categories:
- reorganize [b]Genre[/b] and [b]Subgenre[/b]
- [s]add "Visual Novel / Text Based", "Children / Educational"[/s]
- [s][b]Game Graphics[/b] add "text / console"[/s]
- [s]remove [b]Operating Systems[/b][/s]
- write explanations for all categories.
- conceal [b]Distribution[/b] it only makes sense with the package field.
- [s]optimize [b]Game Themes[/b][/s]
- optimize [b]Game Features & Game Modes [s]& Game Input[/s][/b]

2. do some renaming and deleting:
- [s]"Body" to "Description"[/s]
- [s]"Homepage" to "Homepage and useful links"[/s]
- [s]delete the "Games" tab from users page.[/s]

3. Rethink "Game attributes"
- [s]come up with another way to make this information useful.[/s]

4. make it possible for all users to change data.
- make use of revisions
- game admin

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Forum topic: Game update

Ok. I hope it won't become a problem, if there will be lots of updates.