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Game: World of Goo

Great logical game. Beautifull graphics. It was worth 8 euro I paid for it.
Contains lots of levels and lots of storyline ( although its all quite weird :-D ), lots of difficult levels that will make your brain spin around.

I like it alot, now I'm in the 'End of the world' section and I can't make those two levels, makes me nervous ! :)

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Game: SDL Shooter

Hmmmm... Gfx "borrowed" from Tyrian? :(

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Game: OpenTTD

Great game, I have spent many hours playing it, love it ! I have played multiple scenarios, tried to start in various ages etc ...
I recommend it to everyone who likes games like SimCity.

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I didn't know that one. A friend of mine was desperately looking for the Fabled Lands books but this game is even better!

Thanks for adding that game. :)

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Game: Rigs of Rods

Thanks, i missed that one.

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Game: Rigs of Rods

Since February 2009 the source code of Rigs of Rods is under the GPLv3.

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Game: Battle Jump

Thank you for adding the game in your bank.

It's true that the English part of the website isn't as complete as the French part but I'm working on it.

I just wanted to add a link to a Youtube Video of Battle Jump.

This video is not really fresh because it shows the game in its version 0.7, but you can still see what kind of game Battle Jump is.



The version 0.9 is in development, I hope to release it before December.

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There are many graphics sets that can be used with Graphics Mode, which allows the game to display different tiles for creatures.
[url=]DF Graphics set repository[/url]