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Game: Zaz

great fun, but controls seemed a bit too quirky for me to continue

EDIT: now it works fine, great game :)

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Game: MegaGlest

Simply amazing what they've done

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Game: FreeOrion

thanks, fixed

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Game: FreeOrion

text says turn-based, table says real-time

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Game: Phyta

Yes, for some reason it is linked explicitly specifying minor version. To run it, do the following: [list]
[*] run 'locate libGL' to see where do you have installed
[*] if you have multiple libraries, choose the one used by your current driver (e.g., if you have one in /usr/lib/mesa and another in /usr/lib/nvidia-current, and you are currently using nvidia driver, use that in /usr/lib/nvidia...)
[*] create the symbolic link '' in the same directory '' lives. For example, 'cd /usr/lib/nvidia-current', 'ln -sT'
[*] use the following script to run the game (you may need to modify the library paths in the script): [/list]

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Forum topic: DJL Theme is broken

Yay, it's working now, thanks Pheonton :)

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Game: NetHack

There is always more to discover in nethack, and always another strange manner in which to die…

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High stars for "promising" ;-)

I'd love to see a fully free HOMM3-clone with free data too (not necessarily cloning the data, as long as it has enough free data that it's playable without having to use any of the proprietary data).