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Nice little game, it seems to be a solid platformer and is enjoyable. Runs fine on my arch linux machine

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Forum topic: Seasons of war

For me works, probably not published content is available only for the author and moderators.

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Forum topic: Seasons of war

The link doesn't work

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Game: Q3Rally


In quite early state, I'd say. No files, you have to get things from SVN. Compile went fine, but you have to move/link libraries from engine/build/release-linux-/baseq3r/*.so to baseq3r in the TLD. Also go to baseq3r/maps and link/rename the maps to uppercase.
The supplied assumes you have a 32bit system. Game itself has (so far) only one map in the SVN, and only two cars (player, 1 bot)

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Game: Roll 'm Up

I did not need installing any additional libraries. This may be because I already installed some older libraries when tested other games. All libraries I installed came in packages so no manual hacking. I also installed the game from the RPM and it works well, though does not create a menu entry (starts from the command line as "rollemup").

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manual, but with an extra block

See Also - sequels, prequels, same universe...,maybe clones/mods

Similar - similar gameplay eg. UT is similar to Q3A, OpenArena, Quake Live, War§ow etc. (all of them are pure tournament shooters, no story, no campaign...)

maybe for Quake IV:

See Also: Quake II, Quake, Quake Wars
Similar: DOOM³, PREY , Duke3D etc.

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Quoting game author: "To test the linux versions of my games, I made a build of Jasper's Journeys with bundled SDL libraries. If it works then the others should too. So please try it out! It's the full version *nudge* *nugde*"

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Lgdb news: Similar games

Voted for Manual selection. Any kind of automatic recommendation just don't work nowadays. "See Also" feature is the only way to make a real useful recommendation. I think we'll be able to fully replace Similar games after few months, when we'll add enough of See Also links (I'm trying to add no less than 5-10 per day).