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Game: Roll 'm Up

I run it from binary tarball. About what RPM do you speak?

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Game: Minecraft

It's a great sandbox and it has many features of the great Dwarf Fortress. I play it every day, and I am going to buy the game.

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Game: Roll 'm Up

i can not build the linked bsd source on gentoo(incombatible libc or something), and how should i install this rpm?

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Forum topic: Astro battle

Sorry, forgot to comment.
Tried it and it doesn't seem really playable yet. Let's see if it gets better after some time. For now I'll leave it unpublished.

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Game: netPanzer
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Forum topic: Sub-categories

Wikipedia says "Before the popularity of first person shooters, the first person viewpoint was used in vehicle simulation games such as Battlezone."

FPS is any descendant of Wolf3D which was the first game of the genre.

Also Wikipedia says "Following the release of the influential Doom in 1993, games in this style were commonly termed "Doom clones";[7][8] in time this term has largely been replaced by "first person shooter""

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Forum topic: Sub-categories

>FPS is where you're walking.

false, have a look to these first person shooters descent, Hovertank 3D and forsaken

Wikipedia definition

First-person shooters are a type of 3D shooter game, featuring a first person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the player character

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We already have a tag "flying" so what's the problem? Flying, 3D, simulation, space,... But not FPS of course. FPS is where you're walking.