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Game: PlaneShift

I did not like the cat people and fighting was lame.

Also nothing interesting to discover and no good quests.

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Game: Netrek

You will get action.
You will collaborate with other Captains and Races.
You will make up new strategies and tactics as you struggle against your enemy.

This is like NG but only this time, you are not on a peaceful mission.

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Forum topic: Zod engine

There is a formal linux release now.

Before you had to get the assets from the windows installer then compile the source yourself.

It can also be compiled for macs, the issue is the time needed to maintain all the different installers for different platforms.

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Game: Zod Engine

There is actually a formal linux release for this game now with ubuntu compiles and sources if needed.

Also Personally I don't think this is alpha but I've noticed that most RTS projects tend to be considered alpha even though they are feature rich, stable and fully playable.

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use lobby or engine, see here

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Game: Tremulous

LOL: I didn't notice

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Game: jClassicRPG

I had the same impression when I tried it out.
Not to mention it is extremely resource hungry.

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we currently test the possibility to provide changelogs, check out some of the newly updated games, e.g. warsow.
there is also a link on the frontpage to the changlogs.