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Game: jClassicRPG

I had the same impression when I tried it out.
Not to mention it is extremely resource hungry.

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we currently test the possibility to provide changelogs, check out some of the newly updated games, e.g. warsow.
there is also a link on the frontpage to the changlogs.

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What about just a link to the changelogs?

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Game: Pseudoform

At the time, this is just a nice presentation of the engine.

No real game there.

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Game: jClassicRPG

The screenshots are looking very good. But crappy resolution and controls are making you give up on this very fast.

Development is not active on this one.

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Game: NetHack

Every nethack game is a surprise, even after years.

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Game play wise I like this better then its successor.
This is a must for players that like RPGs, FPSs and RTSs.

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Game: Ardentryst

This game is the perfect mix between Platformer and RPG.
It´s only shortcoming is that it is too short.