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Game: Roll 'm Up

If you still have trouble try to build a new one from source or extract a deb(it is much easier eg: ar p $DEB.deb data.tar.gz|tar zx). Put the extracted libary(under usr/lib) in your game folder and use the LD_LIBRARY_PATH- or LD_PRELOAD-variable to start your game.

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    Game: Roll 'm Up

    Sorry, I don't have a Gentoo machine currently available, so I can't check it personally. The RPM contains prebuilt, just extract the package. I've tested it with Ubuntu and it works flawlessly.

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    you can find precompiled libs on their sf page (SFML-1.5-dev-linux-32.tar.gz), download and extract the lib folder to your game path, start your game with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib ./mochicat

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    Game: Roll 'm Up

    which is a bsd binary - bsd binaries dosnt work on a pure linux
    system. the rpm is linked in the text

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    Game: Hobocat

    libsmfl-graphics.1.5 is no more available in the Ubuntu repositories.
    Symbolic link with version 1.6 doesn't help

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    Game: Hobocat

    And it is written that every day shall be Caturday ! ^_^

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    Game: Roll 'm Up

    I run it from binary tarball. About what RPM do you speak?

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    Game: Minecraft

    It's a great sandbox and it has many features of the great Dwarf Fortress. I play it every day, and I am going to buy the game.