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Is it possible to package it for a distro? Will the binary work outside the resources directory?

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Game: IConquerU

You will find a technical support forum on the website and you can contact us at as well. Bandwidth should not be a problem, as the game does not require so much bandwidth

Today we had a lot of new players using linux and as far as we have seen it's working good.

btw, thanks to you for playing :)

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Game: IConquerU

Hmm, looks fun, unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth to play/review :( I'll see if I can post it across the Linux gaming world as thanks for porting :)

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I picked up that idea and created a block that shows similar games from one category of the game, e.g. shoot them up or platform. The ranking is random, so every time you enter the page you see different games listed there.
In addition to the hand picked similar games it created a more associative selection for the rather random browsing user.

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...I'll evaluate wether it can entertain me :D

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But the license limits the use: you can only use it for evaluation purposes, and not entertainment.

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Lgdb news: Similar games

> isn't the poll for what to remove?
It is, but I've noticed it too late.

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Lgdb news: Similar games

isn't the poll for what to remove? I voted for (i.e., against) the similar games thingie. Browsing history can be interesting, at times.
But I agree, the best solution would be manual links, with an option for users to add 'similar games'