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Game: Quake II

Quake II executable, official release from Id Software:

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Game: Tremulous

The game is releasing a major update soon.

Very interesting read on their news page on going closed source then going open source again...

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Game: Atrinik

thanks, updated

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Thanks sixsixfive, I found an even easier workaround:

padsp (path to postal2mp launcher) in terminal

Works like a charm! Thanks for the help.

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Yes it is possible to package it. I could make a deb file if you're using ubuntu. The binary needs to be inside the resources directory.

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Game: Atrinik

Version 2.0 of the client was released on 25 December 2010. Many new features & enhancements. See,310.html for details.

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I think there are two ways/solutions:

1st: use oss as sound system

2nd: install oss-compat

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Game: IConquerU

Oh wow, thanks for replying, didn't see it (I don't seem to have email notification turned on for LGDB).

My issue is not with the game itself, but with the actual downloading (downloading 100MB on my internet connection would take a day if I'm lucky, also the ping would be unbearable)

You guys really really really need a gameplay video, then you can submit it to a couple of other places as well (Penguspy most notably). Also, make sure that you have an IndieDB/ModDB page, post on Linux forums, etc. Hope it helps!