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Game: M.A.R.S.

Controls are cumbersome but the game was fun so far and I liked the visuals and the soundtrack very much.

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I'd like to announce that this game recently has added support for 64bit linuxes. You can give it a try at:


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Game: Quake II

Quake II executable, official release from Id Software:

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Game: Tremulous

The game is releasing a major update soon.

Very interesting read on their news page on going closed source then going open source again...

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Game: Atrinik

thanks, updated

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Thanks sixsixfive, I found an even easier workaround:

padsp (path to postal2mp launcher) in terminal

Works like a charm! Thanks for the help.

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Yes it is possible to package it. I could make a deb file if you're using ubuntu. The binary needs to be inside the resources directory.

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Game: Atrinik

Version 2.0 of the client was released on 25 December 2010. Many new features & enhancements. See,310.html for details.