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The Windows and Mac version are not free, so think you are right, that the Linux version will cost money. But at the moment you can get the full Linux version for free, because its currently being tested.

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I do no think it is free. It is released under evaluational license only. Thus it is shareware at best.

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Forum topic: Seasons of war

Yes its true. i changed the link in your post to the original site.

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Final version released.
Just reminding that today is the last day you can purchase it for $19.99. Starting with March 1 it will cost $24.99, so if you liked the demo you should hurry up and buy it.

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Nice little game, it seems to be a solid platformer and is enjoyable. Runs fine on my arch linux machine

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Forum topic: Seasons of war

For me works, probably not published content is available only for the author and moderators.

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Forum topic: Seasons of war

The link doesn't work

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Game: Q3Rally


In quite early state, I'd say. No files, you have to get things from SVN. Compile went fine, but you have to move/link libraries from engine/build/release-linux-/baseq3r/*.so to baseq3r in the TLD. Also go to baseq3r/maps and link/rename the maps to uppercase.
The supplied assumes you have a 32bit system. Game itself has (so far) only one map in the SVN, and only two cars (player, 1 bot)