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Game: NetHack

Every nethack game is a surprise, even after years.

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Game play wise I like this better then its successor.
This is a must for players that like RPGs, FPSs and RTSs.

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Game: Ardentryst

This game is the perfect mix between Platformer and RPG.
It´s only shortcoming is that it is too short.

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Game: Tremulous

This game is one of the best.

Sadly I never ever witnessed an update. It is the same game play and a hand full of maps like when I first played it a few years ago. No improvements whatsoever in graphics or game play. Although the game is brilliant, a little bit more variety would do it good. I do not see the difference between 1.1 and 1.2 beta.

Take a closer look at that "going closed source" news item. It is posted on April Fools' Day.

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Game: Molten sky

Demo is planned on April.

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Game: Raincat

Graphics are sloppy and it does not run very well.
I had to use wine to run it if I remember correctly.

Can not remember having fun with this game at all.

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mhm, don't get me wrong, i totally see the benefit. At the moment, we are trying hard to keep up with the updates and i don't see that we have the spare time to post the changelogs.

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You can just as well say "it's more work to include game info, it should be on the game's site or package" and it would be the same argument.

When I hear that a game is updated, for it to be useful I need to actually know what has changed. Otherwise, if I read the LGDB identica feed or whatever, and see that there is a game update, I can just as well go to Google and search for it, rather than going to LGDB, looking for the game link, going to the site, and then looking for their news release.

When someone -reports- the update, they should give an overview of the update, they can even copy and paste it.

Linux Game Tome does this, and it is a /very/ useful feature, having a central place to see how games are progressing