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Real-time empire building and conquest; 10 cultures, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses and more, just try this game, many players are still playing in multiplayer for free on game ranger with

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Game: Starsector

You _must_ preorder the game to play Alpha version. Downloads are available here:

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no, it doesnt. i'm gonna look into it.

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Game: Naev

This is the first time when i play a game like this and i like it; plain and simple nice flow of missions and of course nice story :)

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ah, right XD

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Game: Nebulous

Wow, the screenshots don't do it justice, it looks awesome in motion. Also, very fun! varied, mind melting gameplay (grappling around while sticking on to platdorms while not knowing which way is up really induces an immersive sense of vertigo)

Can't wait to see further progress!

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Forum topic: hi

It runs rather well considering how quickly it was ported. Captured a bit of gameplay for L.G.C.

The brightness / contrast controls in the options.txt fail to work... for now.

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Game: Quake

Nice graphics update, but for single player Quake 1 gaming I prefer DarkPlaces :)