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lexaloffle is now seeking betatesters for Zen, Chocolate, Jasper & Neko. If you want to help him with testing Linux versions of these games [and get them for free ;)], see this post:

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Game: Fowl Space

Will be available in Summer 2011. Now you can preorder game at price of 10$.

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Forum topic: Game video

Thanks Venn, added it.

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Game: Molten sky

[quote]We should inform you that the release of demo-version is postponed once again.
In order to meet your expectations in some way we have presented the gameplay video concerning the first part of mission[/quote]

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Game: Warzone 2100

I remember spending a few weeks of my life on the campaign mode of this game for PS1, in the 90's.
The community behind it is quite active, new updates are released quite regularly.

I am very surprised there isn't almost any modding going on

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So it seems

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Hi, dude, our point of view kind opposite ;p

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Game: Quake 4

Still my favorite singleplayer game