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First i wanted to answer yes why not, we have steam witch only supports a single version of Ubuntu (12.04) but after checking out the software center i would rather say no. Steam can be installed on other distributions with sometime less or more hassle but not so much for games that are released only for the software center.
The software center is a good place to find those games for users of Ubuntu, I see no reason for us to list games with such a specific requirement.
But this discussion is new for me (i don't have Ubuntu) and i would like to hear more opinions.

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i don't think its opensource.
This page lists it as freeware

Some of the art is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 but not all

-> i'll change the category.

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Forum topic: Questverse on Lgdb

The rules for the contest have changed! It is now easier to participate.

Link for the facebook contest



What about earning the art you always wanted as a wallpaper for your smartphone or facebook page and still help to spread the world about the Questverse project?

The art can be from a caricature of yourself to a more abstract wallpaper, and it will be UNIQUE.


To participate is simple, all you need to do is to like and share this post.


This contest will happen from August 11 to September 11.

* The art of the winner must follow the style presented at the page photo gallery
* If the art is for your cellphone ensure you can transfer it to your device. Some models do not allow custom wallpapers, don't have internet access or bluetooth access.

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Forum topic: EL License
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I had a different problem (same as this guy) that wouldn't let me start Other Life. I used the Eternal Lands client (replaced the *.bin with the one from EL package) and it worked. You might want to try that as a workaround.

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Forum topic: try it now

I have been playing Other-Life for almost a month, I must say, I am enjoying it. I love the combat system better than EL, and it doesn't take you years to master in any skills like a lot of other games. I am almost Attack and Defense level 40, and soon, I can even roam the PK maps safely. My potion skill is fair also.

The X-Attribute System is just WONDERFUL, you can customize your character so much better than the other games I have played. A player 2 weeks old could have 1200 carry capacity if they wanted! They can have 200 health, or massive defense and/or attack power. It's just PHENOMENAL!

As a new player, it may be hard to play if you joined the game during a weekend because you are pretty much limited to the 1st map. After 4 days of leveling up though, you should be able to participate in the game's invasion events. And by your second invasion, if you had focused on combat, you should start getting great rewards and exp in the invasions.

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I wanted to suggest but their website is currently unreachable so i'm not sure about the game status ether. I just added and it is an alternative and installation easy. If you feel a break from deathmatch is in order i would recommend its objective oriented gameplay is engaging and unique. And there are always full servers.

EDIT: sixsixfive found the reason