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it's called 6DoF and it's possible in some FS2 mods and in the main game(That mission with the captured shivan fighter)

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Yeah, sorry for the bad screenshots, I heavily used lossy compression.
If someone has better screenshots, post them, so someone can add them.

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Even Cave knows that horizontal shmups (bullet hells) are too hard (5.26s)


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Forum topic: A bunch of FOSS games

It's like Spring with a couple of total conversion(that's what I would tag them because you'll always need to download the engine and the content)

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Forum topic: Linux version

The game was made using Ren'Py. It's playable in Linux. I looked up the contents on a torrent site for confirmation. The linux libraries are there as well as the executable.

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Forum topic: A bunch of FOSS games

i wanted to add aleph one years ago ;) but it was so complicated to understand the differences between the game versions. There is no game aleph one right? instead the game is called Marathon, Marathon2 and Marathon Infinity.

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Forum topic: money money

Good thing I didn't buy it! And we had to wait 2 years for that? Thanks, I'll pass too.

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Forum topic: Boooring

Hehe that is so true! This movie is so slow and uneventful, that even if you see the Zombie Strippers! (2008) right after it you still think nothing happened. (no offense to the cinéastes and film historians out there).