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GREAT game! Hopefully it will be greenlighted soon to get much more players in the community.

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Game: Stendhal

In Stendhal 1.09 "Strong helpers needed" new quests and items have been added. For example players can test theirb muscles against heavy straw carts or can help with a rat plague.

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Already funded, but still worth to keep an eye on:

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You get to buld your own rockets, get tem in orbit, and just blow them up! Send them to the sun! straight into the moon! Hell, this game is great, for those who just are a tad crazy in the head.
Especially when you see some of the reactions that kerbal's have, hehaa, ah, jebidiah Kerman, may you smile happily as you're about to blow up... again... you crazy nut-job.

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Steam should be added as a requirement. The DRM free version is not longer available thanks to Paradox.

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done, (=