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I agree, gog refuses to offer Linux downloads for games already available, and the Windows versions require tweaking, third-party engines and tools like wine or innoextract in the few cases where they can be transformed into Linux-native.

On the other hand, I don't know if games like Theme Hospital are available elsewhere, but the banner used now may be replaced with a external link.

IMHO only distributors with explicit Linux support deserve a banner: Desura, Steam, Humble Store, Gameolith, Fireflower, ShinyLoot, IndieGameStand and others I must be forgetting (sorry). Not sure about GamersGate.

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Agreed, the search is not one of the greatest assets of It doesn't index words shorter than 4 characters and has some other flaws (doesn't find parts of words, no typo correction...) but it only really fails for 0 a.d. ;)

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Stendhal 1.11: Lets party

Stendhal 1.11 was released with a big party. Celebrate in the game with costumes, food, quests, and puzzles at this year's Mine Town Revival Weeks. A paperchase quest will lead players all over the world to discover interesting places, but be careful, since kobolds and slime lurk in the mines. Other changes include icons next to NPCs, who trade items or heal, to make them easier to discover.

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Thanks for feedback, I think this needs to be fixed. The funny thing is that when you enter 0 A.D. without pressing enter it does show you game entry in suggestion list.

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Forum topic: Edits remove videos

This is certainly an interface bug because no videos where removed.
i will look into it.
(btw, it was a good idea to leave the notice in the moderation message!)

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Here is the URL of the thread:

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well i only kind of agree with you since we are not only interested in the games but also in the promotion of Linux gaming such a message is contra productive. but in this case there are apparently some packages for gentoo
and suse
and the sources from the homepage and

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Tool: Xfire

Yeah xfire is windows only but both plugins work very well so I guess we can leave it(it's the only active server browser yet