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Tool: Steam

ok, finally i got it to work, i don't recommend anyone to follow this HOW-TO it is NOT EASY.
i use a wheezy with wheezy-backports but steam package is available for jessie only.
ok first i added i386 architecture:
dpkg --add-architecture i386
so far so good
now i needed to add the jessie repository
deb jessie main contrib non-free
i just stuffed it into /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
i didn't wanted to install anything form jessie that i don't need. so no upgrade here ... and no apt-get install steam ether.That doesn't work, apt-get or synaptic are not able to install the dependencies. Thats where it goes mad because i used aptitude for it.
aptitude install steam aptitude could fix all dependencies in a non destructive manner. yeha...
Ok for the fglrx driver to play nice with i386 architecture i had to
apt-get install libgl1-fglrx-glx:i386
anyway i got it to work. witch is more than the last time i tried it and had to reinstall everything because i upgraded to jessie.

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Hey man I totally thought all you did too, and then they released Old School Runescape. It's just the game based on the source code from 2007. Although it does still cost $8 per month for a membership and you HAVE to be a member to play old school, in my opinion it's totally worth your money. I'm having so much fun in the game right now.

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Forum topic: Questverse on Lgdb

Questverse report B: August 2013

More progress on the game site, game editor and social network promotion =)

Click here to see the article at the game blog!

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>I see no reason for us to list games with such a specific requirement.

Full acknowledge

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First i wanted to answer yes why not, we have steam witch only supports a single version of Ubuntu (12.04) but after checking out the software center i would rather say no. Steam can be installed on other distributions with sometime less or more hassle but not so much for games that are released only for the software center.
The software center is a good place to find those games for users of Ubuntu, I see no reason for us to list games with such a specific requirement.
But this discussion is new for me (i don't have Ubuntu) and i would like to hear more opinions.

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i don't think its opensource.
This page lists it as freeware

Some of the art is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 but not all

-> i'll change the category.

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