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Forum topic: osx?

Sure I will. However, I assumed I could build on Linux. I just tried and I am having trouble there too! Messages seem to indicate code is not c++ compliant. Maybe I need to try an older version of the gcc compiler....I will study your guide first.

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But it's the same game, isn't it? So we could merge them?

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Forum topic: osx?

There is a little guide on compiling the source in here:
It was written for Linux but it should work on mac, too.

Can you message me if you get it to work? I'd love to offer a mac build.

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The essential difference is just that this version is written in Ada. So it may be one of the few Ada examples that use "modern" OpenGL that contain all the pieces to actually compile and run on both OS-X and Linux.

Tool: Steam

Viva la Gabe Newell!

Thanks to this man, the concept of Linux games reached a new level!
One can argue about the DRM, but a positive role Steam difficult to deny.

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every thing on the project page. For some reason i have the impression this is a spam post and someone forgot to attach a spam address ;). atm there is nothing to do in the game.

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>make a derivative of the project itself without permission.

Its not only the project it applies to all your assets which means nobody can't edit them see also the official Creative commons description for the CC BY-NC-ND(

This license is the most restrictive of our six licenses, only allowing others to download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.

sounds this open to you?

>It is not uncommon for open source projects to make use of multiple licenses.

Not a problem but we rate a game by it's weakest license (in your case NC-ND)

>GPL is for code, not art. Anyone can tell you that. CC is great for art but not so great for code.

Not really there is many art licensed under GPL or LGPL, but I agree CC(BY or BY-SA) or ArtLibre is probably better for art...