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Game: Quake 4

You post too many spoilers in screenshots :p

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All 4 games worked like a charm on ags

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GoD Factory: Wingmen, a space sim MOBA with cross platfrom servers:

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Game: Resonance

great game but the puzzles are hard

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Donation of at least $1 USD is required for download. Maybe there needs to be a new category: donation?

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The game is becoming more and more playable and even if it doesn't have online multiplayer for now being just hotseat, it can be played just fine using desktop sharing software such as or maybe even
I want to gather more people who I can play Ancient Beast with and figure out more bugs and issues.
Also I want to record a gameplay video for 0.2 against a player that's rather challenging.
If you're interested in playing against me or maybe others, feel free to reply with your skype username in this thread.

My skype is dk.vali
so add me up ^^