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I'm not on this thing often enough to be a maintainer, have a enough crap as it's going on. xD But i'll do what i can.

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Rimworld. Which i'm suprised wasn't added in the See also list.
psst... please go ahead and add it.

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Have you tried our new game listing yet? We recently opened up all possibilities (nearly):

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Yes, I'd like to merge them. Also Seven and SevenAda.

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nice, but would look better with transparent radiobg
.page-games-advanced .main-container .views-exposed-form .form-type-bef-checkbox, .page-games-advanced .views-exposed-form .form-type-radio {

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Quoting the submission guidelines:
"Games you will not find here, and on submission are likely to be rejected:
Not very simple Games (e.g. tic-tac-toe)"
xbomb might have simple rules, but IMO it is not a simple game. Here is a sample puzzle position which might occur.

How can a player proceed here, without taking a chance? The two green dots indicate cells which do contain mines, but what cell or cells can you conclude must not contain a mine?

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Forum topic: Won't start

the humble bundle edition worked for me with the latest ags git

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Forum topic: Won't start

By the way, why are you asking? =)))