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Lgdb news: New website!

Oh my, oh my, I thought we will keep it undercover at least for one more week, until all pages will be polished.

By the way, don't forget to move logo 1px up and search textbox 1px down ;)

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Game: Hammerwatch

It's not breath taking by any means, but it is a WONDERFUL, game for those who want to go simple- key word there -simple, dounge crawling, if it was more advanved in game play (more monsters, armor an what have you such as stone-crawl Soup) then this game would have me saying it's breathtaking. for now, it is an excellent game for those who want a good hack, shoot, an slash game, so far i've played it, maybe there's more to it then i can see?

Either way, the upgrade system is good and gves you more fo a reason to race for the coins!

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Game: Oolite

It's a great game! Using a controller instead of the majority of the keys helps greatly in gameplay, however that is not to say you can't play with the keys, it's simply easier with the cotnroller. However you still need the keys in order to do certian things, Hyper-jumping or WitchSpacing, and to function in the Station, but that is not a hinderence to teh game. The use of OXP's for expansion is easy a simple to use from what i can tell too.

Give this game a shot oif you loved the old Elite or EVE online, or any other 6DoF shooters!

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GREAT game! Hopefully it will be greenlighted soon to get much more players in the community.

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Game: Stendhal

In Stendhal 1.09 "Strong helpers needed" new quests and items have been added. For example players can test theirb muscles against heavy straw carts or can help with a rat plague.

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Already funded, but still worth to keep an eye on:

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You get to buld your own rockets, get tem in orbit, and just blow them up! Send them to the sun! straight into the moon! Hell, this game is great, for those who just are a tad crazy in the head.
Especially when you see some of the reactions that kerbal's have, hehaa, ah, jebidiah Kerman, may you smile happily as you're about to blow up... again... you crazy nut-job.