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Quoting the submission guidelines:
"Games you will not find here, and on submission are likely to be rejected:
Not very simple Games (e.g. tic-tac-toe)"
xbomb might have simple rules, but IMO it is not a simple game. Here is a sample puzzle position which might occur.

How can a player proceed here, without taking a chance? The two green dots indicate cells which do contain mines, but what cell or cells can you conclude must not contain a mine?

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Forum topic: Won't start

the humble bundle edition worked for me with the latest ags git

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Forum topic: Won't start

By the way, why are you asking? =)))

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Forum topic: Won't start

Hadn't tried "Kosher" edition, ony "Classical" which worked fine

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There are now tilesets which are as small as 16px×16px per tile, for example RetroDays (unofficial tileset). See here:
See also the updated screenshots (all official tilesets).

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Forum topic: Strange


Game is made for Steam >> Steamlib & Steam is build against ubuntu 12.* >> steam bootstraps ubuntu 12 on every Linux device >> Games on Steam need to be build against steamlib >= Steam & their stuff is only supported on ubuntu 12(since it is build against it like all steamlib games)

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The idea is not to have everything fiiled in instantaneasly, but to have additional fields mapped to the developers for future edits.

Though I don't now how changeable the database relations or how feasible that is. Thus I leave as a suggestion for discussion ;)

In terms of maintenance, ok... I now see that to put something linked only to the devs, then it would be separate to the "insert/edit game form" and would probably need more stuff added to allow public edits. There I can see it being less cost effective...

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But who is going to add all the info? ^^
it would certainly be nice to have a comprehensive directory of all Linux developers. But atm i'm not so sure about the return of investment (maintenance time versus user demand).