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Forum topic: no sound

I don't think the game has any sound

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Forum topic: Adobe AIR 2.6

you can run air apps with the SDK

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Tool: Steam

>In the first place Steam is disribution platform.
>If you want to play not only in rougelike, you have to accept DRM systems.

yeah just like GOG and look at their huge DRM-Free game cataloge...

>publisher chooses.

Thats not true, the users will always decide with their wallet.


For me heavy DRM is a NO-go but the old cd-key based ones (eg: Doom3/Quake4/Prey) were OK for me.

But the newer ones are bullshit because:

I want to own my games and I want to be able to play them even if the service discontinues or the game is removed.
I love to move my games around eg. an USB Pendrive/Hard disk to play them on another PC.
I don't want to waste my PC-power for another background process that is completly unnecessary for the game.
I hate to share information about me or my installed Programs and services to a unknown third party.

anyway, it's your decision to agree to their EULA - but don't cry if something goes wrong...

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Tool: Steam

In the first place Steam is disribution platform.
Yes, it has DRM, but use it or not - publisher chooses.
And DRM there is not rigid.

If you want to play not only in rougelike, you have to accept DRM systems.

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Forum topic: Questverse on Lgdb

Link for the facebook contest



How about winning the art you always wanted as wallpaper for your smartphone and still help the Questverse project?

The art can range from a caricature of yourself to a more abstract wallpaper and will be UNIQUE

To participate all you have to do is:
1 - Like and share the contest post on facebook
2 - Bring the greatest number of friends to like the facebook page of the project(the button at the top of the page) you can.
3 - Tell your friends which they must tell on the contest facebook post your facebook name, so I can know they were sent by you.


The competition will go from august 11 to September 11.

* The art of the winner must follow the style presented at the facebook page photo gallery
* Ensure you can transfer the art made according to your specifications to your cellphone. Some models do not allow custom wallpapers, cannot access internet or don't have bluetooth.
* Your friends must really like the project, they cannot undo their likes from the facebook page
* You must bring at least 3 friends
* Your friends must not say your name more than once each

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Lgdb news: New website!

I really love the new interface for the website :) its more comfortable for me

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Forum topic: Unity webplayer?

Yes, you are right. The unity webplayer has no Linux release, so the binary version is needed in order to play. (-> Requirment removed).

Btw it works fine, but does anyone know how to quit the running game? I'm caught in a circle of dieing and the option to play another game... ;)

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Lgdb news: New website!

nice move, looks great!