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Forum topic: Strange description

Its a game about nothing™
Seriously, its a MOG. No great enemy to fight. Just grind away on monsters in dungeons and improve your stats and collect wealth like any typical MOG.

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Forum topic: Free and Open Source

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed

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Forum topic: no license yet

I started a discussion about this on the Greenlight page for Destination Sol:
Feel free to add enlightened advice there :-)

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Forum topic: fashion cents deluxe

MyGameCompany shut its doors. It makes me wonder, where you bought the game.

Post on GOL:

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Whish I could help but it's probably not an nVidia related problem since I use nVidia :)
GTX 550 Ti and Driver version 337.25.
My guess is that you are missing some 32-bit libs

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I won't start for me with nVidia 650m.

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It's not perfect on Linux but it's absolutley playable. Have mostly experienced minor graphical glitches and some painful random loadingtimes.

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Its one of the few games where some of the more humble GPU cards are not even supported. So maybe the requirements are a bit steep. I've an Intel so I should probably not buy it to just find out latter that it doesn't work :(

Also... while the game has a 95% score in steam, half of the bad reviews are "the game is broken in mac..." but it doensn't (yet?) work well in Linux too. Can anyone confirm?