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Game: Delver

And has a lot of possibles to be made into a larger, if not plain great Rouge-like.
I don't know much about the community, but you certianly can get the game and it is active with the lastest release being somehwere areound the month of june 2013

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There has not been any update in ages.

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you should now be able to update them

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Is there a way to update the screenshots on this page? They are very old.

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Game: Starsector

As far as i know it takes SPAZ, and makes it into a fleet building game essentially, and that, is friggin' awesome! To anyone who hasn't given this game a search on you-tube, look for a Lets Play of it, and if you've had similar games or play a game like spaz, you'll most likely enjoy this one too.

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The development is in beta and the game seems to be heavily active still. In either case i'll give this game a shot, from the looks of a few videos it's going to be pretty great, a mix of sim-city (the conoly bilding elements) AoE (age of empires) and a tactical war-game in real time. Whats not to love?

I guess i'll find out.

Current game version: BETA (0.95.130)

Source: official webpage

Installer works well enough and seems to show no issues. I'll update this comment as i test the game out.

Update 7/13/13

Testing, i can barely manage to work it! the game itself seems to hicc-up as it were, it'll run smooth, then stup, and stay stopped... = =; Which is just great... wonderful. It did run at the least though, if i gfigure out how to get it working i'll post what i did.

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Game: Quake 4

It's an old school shooter ==> Story is lame the game is just run and gun :P