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There has not been any update in ages.

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you should now be able to update them

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Is there a way to update the screenshots on this page? They are very old.

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Game: Starsector

As far as i know it takes SPAZ, and makes it into a fleet building game essentially, and that, is friggin' awesome! To anyone who hasn't given this game a search on you-tube, look for a Lets Play of it, and if you've had similar games or play a game like spaz, you'll most likely enjoy this one too.

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The development is in beta and the game seems to be heavily active still. In either case i'll give this game a shot, from the looks of a few videos it's going to be pretty great, a mix of sim-city (the conoly bilding elements) AoE (age of empires) and a tactical war-game in real time. Whats not to love?

I guess i'll find out.

Current game version: BETA (0.95.130)

Source: official webpage

Installer works well enough and seems to show no issues. I'll update this comment as i test the game out.

Update 7/13/13

Testing, i can barely manage to work it! the game itself seems to hicc-up as it were, it'll run smooth, then stup, and stay stopped... = =; Which is just great... wonderful. It did run at the least though, if i gfigure out how to get it working i'll post what i did.

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Game: Quake 4

It's an old school shooter ==> Story is lame the game is just run and gun :P

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Forum topic: Questverse on Lgdb

Salutations weary traveller...let us discuss this time a bit about, logo creative process, votation polls and much more, please, come in...


Hello space adventurers, here I am again with another report for the ... Questverse project; lets see what interesting things had happened from last month up to the present moment.

Current character creation screenshot

After a couple of months in the future we will be again on December, a month where I will defy luck once more into a kickstater campaign with the goal of financing(at least for now) part of Questverse episode 1. Sadly after a lot of research I discovered which the only place were our beloved game could have a chance of getting funded is, success on sites like indiegogo usually is reserved to games which have an experienced person behind the game, such people(which I hope to be one day) already have:

  • A lot of experience(EXP?) they can use to make a better campaign
  • Fame in game development, which makes their backers feel safer to contribute.
  • Valuable contacts which can open doors for them; once I even saw a campaigner receive 1.000 dollars from a single person, but later I learned he had ties with donation institutions.
  • An already consolidated user base, which they gathered by working with games in a way or another

This creates a cycle on such sites where you need credentials to atract financing, but how can your make your credentials if you're not allowed a chance? It is something to think about.

At sites like indiegogo, excelent games raise much less than games, for example, a developer said which while on indiegogo a similar game got 2.000 dollars in two months, their game at got 150.000 dollars in one week; another example is people which got 30% of their funding goal from people who "stumbled" on their projects on opposed to being brought by active marketing.

Questverse current main menu

I have already seen myself two excelent games from friends also raising as little as 100 dollars, and successful ones(backed by experienced people) raising only 20.000 at IGG. Your own personal marketing is good, but indiegogo has less exposure/people visiting everyday than, which gets more popular because it is already popular. it is a never ending circle, seen on big brands, such as coca-cola.

It will be very, very hard to make a campaign, because of its no non-US/UK allowed policy(they claim its is because amazon payments), but I must try, I really have no other choice; or it is that way or I do better market and sell my game on my own on my site, which may be much harder. Many non US residents game devs are caught on this situation. Anyway if amazon payments have amazon on its name I wonder why it has no brazilian support...(joke attempt here)

Questverse Intro screenshot

So, if you see campaigners fail out there even with them having good ideas and campaigns; know there may be much more going on for success than most care to know.

As for my own campaign, I was actually lucky to have failed the first one on IGG, because I offered some perks which would require a lot of work to do for a low price, without a limit on how many could get them and how much they would receive. I think it would be wise to split the full minimum value I require(30.000) between 3 separated campaigns, so it will be easier to succeed on each one.

I also studied for some time the campaign of a nice person and game developer, called disastercake, creator of soulsaga, a game in some ways similar to mine; someone who achieved his goals. You may want to also study how he did things if you're planning a campaign, I bet you too may learn something.

Now, to other subjects: due to the above I already resumed work on the logo I will be know for when people play Questverse in the future(the previous one was a placeholder), check out parts 1 and 2 of the creative process below (part 3 I ommited), with the result and application in video.

Creative process for new lunarts logo 2

Lunarts new logo final

logo video progress: July 13 - Indie DB

The result not only pass nicely the concepts of night and soft, but it also is legible even at the size of a thumb(a must for a logo), having good results in white or black backgrounds. I also made some small changes to the title video:

Title video progress: 10/07/13 - Indie DB

About the game site, I changed its url to; .com because I now know most of my public is beyond south america, and "games" to make it clear what I intend to work with. I think the site is already stable once more now, and I already had setup some redirects from the old domain to the new.

We also have two new votation polls for you, a report wouldn't be the same without them. Let me hear you opinion there.
If the campaign was tomorrow
Of what was alreay done, does Questverse works without fatal errors to you?

Hey, and remember the game editor question I had back then? If it would be worth it? I saw which in the long run it would; it will make me create a unique pattern for the code of all game scenes, and save me a lot of coding at each scene. So I'm working on it(which means I also am working on the game quest 1). I will also need to make a video for the enigmatic dream you will have before you wake up on your bed at the game start.

In case you are asking yourself what were the final results of the previous npc votation, here are they:

Current character concept votation stats

We will have to change the lion man in some pways due to this result, isn't it? Obviously there is something wrong with him.

In about 1 week I also researched about many games, some much older than others, which could give ideas for Questverse; it was very productive. I also learned it is a good idea to take printscreens of points of these games I found interesting and store it in a folder; I recommend it to game devs wanting new ideas.

Not much had happened besides that, here are the past events since the last report:

  • I made a small revision to the game exe code which improved its boot time
  • Small fixes to the game linux exe
  • Small fixes to the game windows exe
  • News articles are again being made monthly since you asked
  • I disabled the space map scene for now
  • Made small improvements to the game site
  • Fixed some strange site behaviors on windows internet explorer.

That is it for now friends, you can help the Questverse project by talking with others who may like it, making constructive criticism about it here, following the game facebook or twitter and letting me know of game bugs.

Ah, and thanks to those who are already helping! I know some of you are already moving "in the shadows" in preparations for December = )

Till the next report!

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Game: Curse of War

Old-school view & very addictive gameplay!