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Thanks for feedback, I think this needs to be fixed. The funny thing is that when you enter 0 A.D. without pressing enter it does show you game entry in suggestion list.

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Forum topic: Edits remove videos

This is certainly an interface bug because no videos where removed.
i will look into it.
(btw, it was a good idea to leave the notice in the moderation message!)

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Here is the URL of the thread:

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well i only kind of agree with you since we are not only interested in the games but also in the promotion of Linux gaming such a message is contra productive. but in this case there are apparently some packages for gentoo
and suse
and the sources from the homepage and

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Tool: Xfire

Yeah xfire is windows only but both plugins work very well so I guess we can leave it(it's the only active server browser yet

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Forum topic: New trailer

Force PoW to make another one... or maybe someone else, PoW likes only massacres ;)

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Forum topic: Forgive me, people

lol ... excellent ... posted on the puppylinux forum cheers

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Tool: Xfire

Honestly, I don't think it should be listed here for the sake of the Instant Messaging plugins. The client, which is like 99% of the program as a gaming tool is Windows-only.