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>it seems to be just a copy paste of the about page

Everybody can edit game pages so this should be no issue


NC & ND don't fit the term "open source", both break rule #1(Free Redistribution) of the Open Source Definition


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Some clarifications:
- Download and Install
the name is historical, atm we only list thirdparty distribution of specific sites namely: Desura, Steam, humblebundle, indie game stand and Linux Package search. I can see how this is misleading and unsuited for projects that mainly use there own website to distribute their game. (in a first attempt to clarify i changed the name but we might find a more suitable solution)

- License
unfortunately i couldn't open the supplied pdf. but like you said it should be OSI compliant. So this will change.

- Subscription
Good point, we will try to get something implemented.

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They made it! :-)
At $1,547 now and still 42 hours left.

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I will try and make a point of reminding you to do your homework.

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That is correct,
- The date of the most recent version of the game.
Recent changes:
- Time and Date of the last modification to the database entry.
Usually people are interested in the release date.

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>Sory for last two messages.

ok, I deleted both, but I still don't get the point of this post :/

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Fixed, engine 94.1 on Nitrogen autohosts again and it works.